January 2019 Newsletter

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January Newsletter - Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited


February Chapter Meeting –

Date: Monday, February 4th

Time: Pizza and pre-meeting starting at 6:30 PM

       7:00 Meeting

Location: Auburn Sportsman’s Club
             50 Elm St, Auburn, MA 01501




If you missed the January meeting, you missed some really nice fly boxes that the chapter handed out to the attendees. We got a dynomite deal on some really nice boxes - and we have just a few left. Get to the February meeting early for one of the few left overs.


In addition, I have it on very good information, that the February meeting will start with the distribution of 3 of the top flies for nymphing on the Farmington. These flies are a must for your box, and are the 2nd step is gettign our chapter members ready for the Farmington at the end of May and beginning of June. The March meeting will feature even more flies to help fill your box with “Must Haves” for our big annual trip.


If you have some patterns that you would like to share with your fellow CMTU members, bring a few down to the meeting. If you’ve tied a bunch, we can either reimburse you for material costs or buy you a beer/drink to have with the FREE pizza.


Just to summarize, We have expanded our Farmington weekend to include a cabin starting May 27th (Monday/Memorial Day), a total of 3 cabins the weekend (Friday thru Sunday) and one cabin for that Monday (no need to leave early on Sunday!!!!!). If you like fun, catching fish, the Fantastic CMTU Breakfast sandwich or just relaxing (during the hatch/spinner fall - Relax is not available), you need to come to the February meeting as we are going to start putting names in the cabin spots.


We will be back on the vise for the February meeting. This will be a pattern that is a known producer in both the Farmington and local waters.


While we are turning bare hooks into pieces of art, we will discuss the latest developments in the Dam removal on the Quinie. Our chapter is in contact with the project manager for this fantastic opportunity. Right now, this project has $40K in funds. We will be working with the state to provide support and in parallel, work some projects (Stream clean-up, Silt gardens, etc.) that include some great opportunities for the High Schools in the area. We are talking Win- Win-Win and some really big fish!!!! As the develops, we will work with the Council and elevate to the National - This is BIG.


Time to start putting A date on your calendar. Specifically, April 27. This is the date for the banquet and the High School Fly Fishing Championship. Bring your ideas on how to make what was a tremendous success last year into something even better - is that even possible? We can do it and have a great time for one and all. More information as we head into March. Talk to your local retailers/restaurants for gift certificates.


So, come on over, have some Free pizza and have some fun.


We look forward to seeing you and discussing FISH.


Tight Lines,

Peter Sterndale

President, Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited





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