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Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited - March Newsletter


April Chapter Meeting –

Date: Monday, April 1st

Time: Pizza and pre-meeting starting at 6:30 PM

       Meeting starts at 7:00 PM

Location: Auburn Sportsman’s Club
             50 Elm St, Auburn, MA 01501



The April Meeting Agenda:


Czech Nymphing - The Mystery Revealed!


I remember going on my first paid vacation to do some fly fishing in PA back in the early 80’s. One of the veteran’s in our group was using a very long leader, very long rod and 3+ flies as he systematically fished Penns Creek - and caught many trout. His technique was very odd, and he never actually used the “Fly Line” to cast. He simply rolled the line upstream, kept the rod tip high and lead with the rod tip. Was this what we now call Czech Nymphing?


Our meeting will focus on this technique with instruction from some of the best via video with supplement from several of the club’s members on some more specific details for our local waters. We will review rigging the flies, fly types and popular patterns.


But there is more!


This month’s “Fly Give Away” will feature several of those patterns that are key to Czech Nymphing success. These will include a couple of Anchor patterns, a Caddis must have, and a few of the old favorites.


In addition, there will be a demonstration of a new knot tying tool that is key to the technique. This tool is designed to make the Surgeon’s knot easy to tie. Personally, I find this knot a challenge to tie when on the stream and using very fine tippet (5x and smaller) - but it is a must have knot. This tool could be the answer! I have actually seen a demonstration where the knot was tied behind someone’s back!


So come join us and enjoy Czech nymphing along with your pizza!


Get Your Tickets Now! If you are not able to attend the meeting, send a note to with your ticket request and we will hold the tickets at the door until shortly after the start of the banquet.


The 2019 Banquet will be a “Must Attend” Event.


The Food:


This is not your typical “Banquet” event food. I’ve been to many banquets, and the food is just something that sits on the plate and leaves you hungry unless the cake is good.


But we have more than good cake! Steve (The creator of last year’s 5 Star Menu) is at it again. He has some wonderful food in store for us this year and the term “Feast” is appropriate. You will love the food and be asking for the recipe as this does not come from a can - this is all “Home Made”. He is bringing his Boston based restaurant skills to our party. Do not miss this!


There is more than food - We are talking some very nice prizes.


What is a banquet without some entertainment via the raffles? We already have some nice rods and reels, hand tied flies by our club masters, and more coming in daily. We will have our traditional “Playing Card” raffle, bucket raffle and a few silent auctions. This year we are looking to add a “50/50” raffle to benefit the “Trout Stocking” fund for the club - just a way to say “Thanks”. I guarantee there will be something of interest on the raffle tables for everyone.


If you have a donation, please send us an email or bring to the meeting. We will provide you with some extra flies for your efforts!!


Start the Banquet with Cheering on the High School Fly Fishing Championship


We are holding the MA High School State Fly Fishing Championship right before the Banquet. Come early and cheer on the kids as they put their skills up against others to see who will be the 2019 MA High School State Champion! We will be holding the Awards Ceremony at the very start of the Banquet - come and join in on the excitement and support the fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen of the state!


Over the last couple of months, those attending the meetings were rewarded with a beautiful fly box and a bunch of flies. We are running out of fly boxes, but we are about to receive over 30 dozen flies from one of the best web resources for trout flies - Big Y. Based on the flies we know work in our area and will be perfect for the Farmington, the Board made a selection and we will be providing more “Stuffing” for your fly boxes. Bring your fly box and we will have small containers as an option.


In addition, we have more happening at CMTU.


1. The Quinie Dam. We were advised that the monies for the dam removal project were removed. Not sure exactly what happened, but we will look into this and find out. This is a major blow to this project, but we have opened the door, made some critical contacts and look to keep our focus on the Quinie alive. Going forward, we still look to have some “Easy Lifting” projects that will provide Cold Water Conservation opportunities for all. In addition, we plan on finding out about ALL interested dam removal parties and make sure we ALL are ready if this opportunity present itself again.


2. State High School Fly Fishing Championship. It was nice to see our poster at the Bass Pro Shop!


Time to start putting a date on your calendar. Specifically, April 27. This is the date for the banquet and the High School Fly Fishing Championship. We continue with the posting out flyers at the MA Fly Shops with more to come. In addition, we are starting to connect several of the High Schools and look at this as a great way to access the different clubs in the state that may have interest in this event.


Also, look in your local papers for more information. Just another tool to reach out to the kids.




We look forward to seeing you and discussing FISH.


Tight Lines,

Peter Sterndale

President, Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited



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