Nancy Mackinnon - CAST Profile

My foray into the world of fishing began in the casting ponds in San Francisco with a label-less rod and a volunteer who thought I could use some instruction.
I was working for the Nature Conservancy at the time, a place I spent the majority of my career. I had been a hiker, a skier, a birder and was well versed in the outdoors.
But then I found fishing.
I loved the rivers, I loved the experience I loved the focus. Fly fishing is quite all encompassing.
But for me, simply loving fishing wasn’t enough. There’s a point we all need to give back to the things we value.
Conservation has always interested me. It’s been a huge priority in my life. I dedicated my career to it. The older I get, the more I see the importance in protecting the natural resources we have. These days we’re seeing the consequences that come with not taking care of the environment.
Trout Unlimited is trying to find solutions to those consequences. Protecting our coldwater fisheries is vitally important to protecting the larger ecosystem. And we have to act now.
Which is why I ask for you help in supporting TU’s Campaign for America’s Salmon and Trout (CAST). Help Trout Unlimited protect and restore our coldwater fisheries for future generations.

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