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Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited - November Newsletter


November Chapter Meeting –

Date: Monday, November 4th

Time: 6:00 PM (Pizza arrives 6:30 to 6:45 PM)

Location: Auburn Sportsman’s Club
             50 Elm St, Auburn, MA 01501


The November Meeting


Dave Fox will supply instruction, materials and tools to tie the "Golden Retriever". In addition to being a very good fly for large trout, this fly does not shed and will not chase cars!!


Bring you fly box as this will provide a "Big Fish" go to for your inventory. I have just started getting back into using streamers and cannot wait to tie a few up - and then tie a few on. This the tie of season for the big boys to come out from their hiding places and this is the perfect solution to getting into a good "Tug-of-War" with a monster at your local stream.


In addition, we are continuing with the "Free Flies" at our meeting. There is a good supply left over from last year that include some of of the classics - hare’s ears, spinners, etc and some of the newer patterns - sulfur emergers, and the tiny little bits of nothing that you need to have a few of. Bring your fly box and…….


This year, we are very interested in your favorite patterns to both tie and to purchase. We were able to get a great deal (Thanks Joe) on several hundred flies last year and are planning to do the same this year. So far, we have the following on our shopping list:

  • Adams - 14
  • Blue Wing Olive - 24-26
  • Clauser
  • Egg
  • Golden Retriever - (Tie in November Meeting)
  • Green Caddis - (Tie in December Meeting)
  • Griffiths Gnat - 14 - (Tie in February Meeting)
  • Klink Hammer
  • Pheasant Tail
  • Prince Nymph
  • Spinners
  • Sulphur
  • Wooly Bugger
  • Zebra Midge - (Tie in January Meeting)


We’ve identified a few of the patterns to tie in the monthly meetings, but look to put together a large order to make sure we are ready for the start of the 2020 season.


In addition, we are going to look into tippet material, nippers, and the like to improve your first day on the stream in 2020 or one of those warm winter days to keep your 2019 season still active.


From the Council comes news of the "Caddis Weekend" for 2020. This is the new version of what many remember as Indian Hollow. This event is up on the Deerfield and the timing is such to align with the free (no license) weekend in MA - so bring your out-of-state friends and the weekend that has the fisherman controlling the flow rates out of the dam. The 2019 event was the same weekend as our Farmington weekend. This year, we will pick separate weekends and provide not 1 but 2 weekends of excellent fishing on Gold Medal streams! We may even be able to talk a certain chef into creating a "mother load" of the world famous CMTU breakfast sandwich for the Caddis Weekend event. More to come on this one.


In a closing remark, I hope you have not put the close on the 2019 season. This Fall color stuff provides a nice backdrop to any stream in New England. But do not let the color distract you from your fly. The action is still very active and bring out those big streamer flies to catch one for the record books.


See you on November 4th!


We look forward to seeing you and discussing FISH.


Tight Lines,

Peter Sterndale

President, Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited



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