One step closer for Bristol Bay

By Chris Wood

That much closer…

Today, the head of the EPA announced that the agency would begin a process that could lead to the prohibition of industrial scale mining in Bristol Bay Alaska.  Protecting Bristol Bay has been Trout Unlimited ’s top priority for nearly a decade.  Tens of thousands of sportsmen and women, jewelers such as Tiffany & Co., companies such as Orvis, commercial fishermen, and native people have all called for the protection of the world’s most important wild salmon fishery in Bristol Bay.    

 It’s difficult to imagine a more significant conservation achievement than protecting Bristol Bay.  This is one of the few places left on earth where nature works as it should, and it’s a breadbasket for the world, supplying literally hundred thousands of people with wild sockeye salmon.   Did I mention the fact you might also hook into a 30” rainbow?  True story. 

Just as significant as the EPA action is the bottom-up nature of the campaign to protect Bristol Bay.  It has been driven from the start by people from Alaska—native villages, native corporations, and commercial and recreational fishermen, especially Trout Unlimited members.  The game isn’t over yet, but we are that much closer.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to ensure EPA makes the right decision.  And thanks for all you’ve done to get us this far. 

Rock on.  


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