Proper Image Citation

While putting together some content for a blog post, I started thinking about proper source citing for the images we use but didn't create ourselves. With all the new users and the new chapter sites joining the TU community, it is important that we pay attention to the proper citation.

Here is a nice image of a brook trout that I found on Wikimedia Commons. I also like to look through Creative Commons when I want to find an image that helps illustrate the story. These sites are not a search engine, but a gathering spot for artist who are glad to share their work. It is up to the user to make sure that the artist receives the recognition they deserve.

Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service |

As I search for an image, I look for one that is free to use on the TU site and information on attribution. It is important to look at the attribution statement as in the example from our brook trout image. Here is what I found on the Creative Commons site.

This page shows that the image is free to be used as long as we give credit to the owner. It doesn't specify how, but we used a simple attribution tag. Did you happen to notice the information under the brook trout photo? Credit was given, plus the reader can go to the site if they would like to learn more. In many cases, you can simply send an email to the creator or artist and ask for permission to use it. However, it is always a good idea to list the citation with the image.

As I was looking for a clear guide for the proper way to cite an online image, or any other work of art, I found as many styles as there are opinions on the brook trout. So I turned to Brennan Sang, TU's Online Community Mangage, who suggested this simple yet elegant formula:

Photo by: Photog Name | <>

With this citation, you list the Photographer/Owner and website address where the image can be found. It's that simple. You can also find a whole bunch of information about citing sources on the Wikipedia: Citing Sources page. Let's be sure to offer the proper citation for the images we use. I certainly want credit for the images I create and share, don't you?

And by the way, the image of the boat used in the thumbnail was by a great photographer named Bambe 1964.
Photo by: bambe1964 |


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