Rio Tinto pulls out of Pebble mine

Bristol Bay, Alaska took another step toward protection today when multi-national mining giant, Rio Tinto announced it was donating its 19 percent interest in the proposed Pebble Mine project, and abandoning any plans to mine for copper and gold from the Pebble deposit.

Good news for trout and salmon. Good news for the $1.5 billion commercial and recreational fishing industries. Good news for the people of southwest Alaska.

The science that Bristol Bay should be protected is clear. The public support for doing so within the Bristol Bay region is overwhelming. It is good to see common sense prevail with Rio Tinto, a major player in the mining world, stepping away from building the wrong mine in the wrong place.

We are closer than ever to ensuring the protection of a place that produces half of the world’s wild sockeye salmon, and brags a river whose production places it in the top three chinook salmon producers in the world. Yes, and you can catch a 30” rainbow if you are lucky. Please take action and ask the EPA to finish the deal and ensure the future of Bristol Bay.

Chris Wood, President and CEO, Trout Unlimited



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