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Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited - September Newsletter


September 2020 Chapter Meeting: Cancelled - Enjoy the Holiday


Hello there!


I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones in a safe place. These are challenging times and the important job for us is to keep our friends and family safe as we move through this Covid Challenge.


Our September meeting date falls on a Holiday, so even without this pandemic, we would not be holding our meeting. I will be in contact with our board to put the plan together for future meetings. Safety is job 1.


One nice thing about fly fishing is that it does promote safe social distancing. For multiple reasons, a distance much greater the 6’ is a very good idea when casting fly.


This brings back a memory of a fly fishing trip to the Farmington with a couple other members of the Central MA Chapter. We were having very good success with dry flies (#18 Sulphur) at the People’s Pool. My focus was on the rising fish, as it should have been.


Not sure what this person (name omitted) was thinking. But for what ever reason, he decided he would approach me without declaring his intentions. From behind (and out of my view), he started towards me. In stealth mode, he came closer and closer.


Well, the eye of my #18 saw him and sunk the hook well above the barb into his lip. The largest fish I every hooked on the Farmington came in just over 2 pounds. This one was well over 100, but the fight was not proportional to the size. All I heard was whining!!


We had to leave a very active group of rising trout in the midst of a wonderful sulfur hatch and go back to the car to extract the fly (I had a few more in my box, but was not going to give that one up!). At the car, we discussed the plan.


In preparation, both parties had a modest amount of Woodford Reserve. Feeling better, some 3x tippet (Not used for much else on the Farmington), was wrapped around the hook at the entry point, the eye pressed down and on the Count of 3, the tippet was yanked at 2 and out she came.


Going forward, we will provide our chapter’s plan for the next few months as we work through this crisis. As we move into Fall, there is still a lot of good and safe fishing to be had.


Stay Safe and hope to see you soon.


Tight Lines,

Peter Sterndale

President, Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited




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