Setting the hook with Endorsed Businesses - Chapter success stories

Hello fellow TU members and Endorsed Business partners, it's almost time for the 2015 TU Western Regional Meeting in Jackson, WY and we're planning a great event. If you're still thinking about it, there's still time to register for the event and the activities and to explore the fishing opportunities in the area - I'll have my drift boat in tow all the way from Washington and really looking forward to seeing you there.

Here's the link -

Walt Gasson and I wlll be facilitating a program on the Endorsed Business program, and this year's focus is on Chapters and making the most of partnerships with Endorsed Businesses. As a Gold Member, I've found great success by being involved with the local Chapters in my area, from speaking events to sponsoring film and fishing events. This is a great way to meet members and talk about conservation projects and issues - it's a captive audience who's already there to learn more and get involved, and getting on the water with TU members in their watersheds is a meaningful way to directly reinforce the mission and goals of TU.

But when it comes to the economic impact of fly fishing and conservation work in our communities, there are far more businesses outside of the fishing industry that also directly benefit from fishing activities - the gas stations, grocery stores, sandwich shops, hotels - everything that an angler needs for a successful trip. Do you have a favorite place in town that should be helping spread the conservation message and goals of your Chapter and Council?

We're looking for success stories about your partnerships with Endorsed Business members in your area. Are you an Endorsed Business or Guide that has built a great relationship with a Chapter? Does your Chapter or Council have a program to involve EB's in your events that works? We want to share those successes with everyone!

One outcome for this year's program is to develop a set of best practices to build both the quantity and quality of the Endorsed Business members in your area, and help Chapters better engage business partners to build memberships and increase fundraising opportunities for conservation work and outreach/education programs. These best practices will help shape a presentation for the Toolbox and Leaders Only sections that you can share with your Chapter.

Please reply here or directly to or with your success stories!

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