Signs Of Success In The Headwaters!

Think about the first time you experienced fly fishing, on foot or a drift boat - did you know the rules, the etiquette, and what to do when interacting with other user groups on the water? If you're like me, you learned from a guide, then practiced what you were taught. If not, then you may have experienced some common frustrations - your perfect drift being floated over, anglers who stood too close to each other, and improper fish handling - there are a few rules that everyone needs to practice for a great experience!

A group of anglers, guides, and community members installed signs at access points along the upper Yakima River, to help spread the word about enjoying the resource respectfully and ensuring access in the future. Through a partnership with landowners, the local, state, and federal agencies, we posted signs at popular river areas. A few shovels, quick-set concrete, and hard work paired with an afternoon of fishing was the reward for improving the future of the Yakima River for all users!





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