Tightline Productions is the real deal for fly tying

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: One of the very best things about working in conservation is that you get to meet some truly outstanding human beings. Like Tim and Joan Flagler from Tightline Productions in Hunterdon County, NJ. These folks are the real deal.

I knew this before I ever met them in person. In a phone conversation with Joan (the topic of which eludes me now) she told me that they moved to rural New Jersey 30 years ago to be near Tim’s favorite fly shop. That was compelling evidence for a “real deal” designation in my world. But the evidence just continued to mount. Here’s what our friends at Orvis had to say:

We think the folks at Tightline Productions make the best fly tying videos in the world, and we’re pleased that they were generous enough to let us share them with you on the Orvis Learning Center. Browse through the following sections for a comprehensive collection of video instructions for tying flies including dry flies, emergers, nymphs, streamers, saltwater & bass flies, and salmon & steelhead patterns. We have also included a fly-tying technique section that features fly tying videos with helpful tips and tricks to help you become a better fly tyer.

Each video not only includes detailed tying instructions, but also entomology, fishing tips and other helpful information. Learning how to tie new and extremely effective fly patterns is made easy and entertaining watching these informative and educational fly-tying videos. Enjoy and happy tying!”

For the last three years, Tightline has worked with TU to embed the company’s expansive fly tying and fly- fishing video library on our website, via the TU blog and on our social media channels. It’s been tremendously popular. And with good reason. Tim Flagler knows flies. More important, he knows fishing. Almost every week Tim produces a new detailed and up-close fly tying or “how to” video. Many of the tying videos take the viewer well beyond just the tying of the fly and show what it looks like underwater, what natural it represents and how it can be fished. That’s knowledge you can’t get from sitting behind a vise. That’s real, honest-to-goodness fishing wisdom gained from days on the water. That’s the real deal.

Tim says, “We cover everything from basic fly tying to tying knots to good information about fly fishing.”

We’re very fortunate to have Tim on the TU Team, and we’re even more fortunate to have Tightline Productions as a TU Business member. Like I said, they’re the real deal.




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