Proposed Real Property Policy

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Hopefully you have all received the e-mail containing information on the Proposed Policy on the Ownership of Interests in Real Property. If you have not, let me know and I'll make sure you receive it. If you did, what do you think about it? A few things to consider...

  1. Does it go far enough? Too far?
  2. What about the implementation part? Are the forms straightforward and should be easy enough to complete should they become necessary for your situation?

One thing that struck me as I read through all the information was my understanding that this policy would include such things as leases on storage space, meeting space, venues for events, etc. After a first reading, I don't believe these would require Board of Trustee approval but would, instead, require us to submit a copy of the lease/agreement to the designated VolOps staff person. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? But, might we need to define what constitutes a lease/agreement? For example, if we have standing "reservation" at a restaurant for our Board meetings this might legally be considered a contract but is it a lease/agreement for the purposes of the proposed policy? If we sign a contract to lease a venue (e.g., exhibition hall) for our annual fundraiser is this contract covered under the proposed policy? I would answer these questions as "no" for the former and "yes" for the latter. Is that, however, the intent of the committee? Assuming it is, does the proposed policy become too onerous at the chapter and council level?

I understand the need to monitor such none wants to jeopardize our non-profit how do we implement a policy to cover ourselves while not making it onerous? That's the question. And, now is the time to provide input to ensure it is not onerous since it will be easier, and more effective, to do so now than after it has been approved. Let's discuss...





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