Brodhead Chapter Trout Unlimited May 2016 General Meeting

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 - 7:00pm EDT

Join the Brodhead Chapter Trout Unlimited in welcoming Sara N. Whitely, the extention director of the Pennsylvania Sea Grant for Penn State University and her presentation on Aquatic Invasive Species.

Aquatic invasive species are species found outside their natural geographic range that cause ecological or economic harm, or harm to human health.  Aquatic invasive species can be spread by human activities, such as boating, angling, and water gardening, to name a few.  Preventing the introduction and spread of AIS should be a top priority in Pennsylvania as the state has more than 84,000 miles of streams, 77 miles of Great Lakes shoreline and many inland lakes, and shares five major watersheds with   other states and Canada.  In this talk, PASG’s Sarah Whitney will present information about AIS of concern in Pennsylvania and highlight the steps boaters, anglers, and others can take to   prevent the introduction and spread of AIS. 

Please Note that the bridge may still be out on Rim Rock Road making the Center inaccessible from Route 611 in Bartonsville, while there are a myriad of alternative routes below are two helpful ones.

From Route 611 in Tannersville

1. From Route 611 turn onto Route 715 South in Tannersville.

2. Follow Route 715 South for 4.4 miles to the 4 way stop at Neola Road

3. Turn Left onto Neola Road

4. Follow Neola Road for 2 miles to Running Valley Road.

5. Turn Left onto Running Valley Road

6. Follow Running Valley Road for 3.2 miles, the Center will be on your right side

From Route 209 in Sciota

1. From Business Route 209 turn north onto Rim Rock Road near King Karpets & Floors Design Center.

2. Proceed 0.3 miles Rim Rock Road then bear left on to N. Easton Belmont Pike.

3. Proceed 0.3 miles on N. Easton Belmont Pike Road and bear left onto Mutton Hollow Road.

4. Proceed 1.5 miles on Mutton Hollow Road to the intersection with Running Valley Road.

5. Turn Right onto Running Valley Road and Proceed 0.5 miles, the Center will be on your right side.


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