Koz's Sexy Hexy Emerger



Materials: Hook Mustad 37160 #6-12
Dubbing: Hare-tron Golden Brown and OliveTan
Tail: Pheasant 
Carapace: Turkey and underlay of Pheasant plume
Rib: fine copper wire
Wing: Deer Hair, stacked and flared (color- your choice)
Under-Wing: 2mm foam (tan, grey, brown)
Hackle: Bugger hackle- two colors- one Grizzly, one dun or cream (your choice again)
Thread:  UTC  ultra Denier 140 or 8/0 olive
The Sexy Hexy Emerger is available from Rainy’s and Feather-Craft.
Materials & Components 
Mustad 37160 #6-14
Hare-Tron Golden Stone
Mottled Turkey and pheasant filo-plume
gold wire
Hare-Tron Olive or UV Olive brown
2 mm tan or grey thin strip
Grizzly Bugger olive and Cream
White deer belly


Step 1- Tie in tail
Step 2- tie in turkey and copper wire, carefully place Rump Filo Plume on top of turkey 
Step 3- generous amount of dubbing- hexes are fairly big bugs- use the lighter of two dubbings
Step 4- wrap dubbing forward and fold turkey with plume up and wrap with copper wire along the way, be careful not to catch as much of the plumes as possible- we want this abdomen to breathe.
Step 5- dub thorax and close to head, not all the way.
Step 6- thin strip of foam for underwing.
Step 7-Tie in Hackle feathers.
Step 8- Cut and stack Deer hair.
Step 9- measure and secure with a few good wraps- trim.
Step 10- wrap hackle under deer hair- alternately you could tie in the hackle under the foam and wrap under the foam as well.
Step 11- cut and trim deer hair, tie down hackle, build small head, whip finish, cut off ends of foam.
The Sexy Hexy Emerger is available from Rainy’s and Feather-Craft.

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