Youth Education NLC Workgroup

Engages young people in activities that will foster in them the values to carry on the mission of TU and to secure for future generations TU’s vision.

Watch Headwaters: Stream of Engagement a new video describing Trout Unlimited's variety of youth programs.

Resources for youth education including ideas, articles, checklists for planning youth events and programs and more are available in the Tacklebox by clicking here.

Committee Members
Chair: March McCubrey, New Hampshire
Linn Beck, Wisconsin
Kelly Buchta, New Jersey
Charlie Charlesworth, Pennsylvania
Susan Geer, Arizona
Dakus Geeslin, Texas
Scott Hood, Oklahoma
Chris Jones, Idaho
Tali Macarthur, Pennsylvania
Mack Martin, Georgia
Kelly Marquart, Utah
Linda, McAteer, Arizona
Kim McCarthy, Wisconsin
Mike Mihalis, North Carolina
Greg Prosen, Illinois
Sharon Richardson, Arizona
Judi Sittler, Pennsylvania
Ron Urban, New york
Stan Zarnowiecki, Illinois

TU Staff POC: Franklin Tate, Tara Granke, and Beverly Smith

Meets: The 1st Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. 


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