TU's Veterans Service Partnership

TU Veterans Service Partnership logoThe Veterans Service Partnership (VSP) is an initiative of TU's to serve veterans, active duty military and their families by engaging them through the recreational therapy of angling and with the sustaining support of the TU community. Our goals are to bring the full weight of TU's 300,000 members and supporters to deploy across the nation engaging and supporting local military and veteran families through angling and community.

Each chapter is a ready-made community of passionate conservationists and anglers. Each participant in the VSP program receives a complimentary membership to TU and is automatically assigned to a TU chapter. For many served by TU's VSP, they are quickly integrated into their chapter community which becomes a safe haven where veterans can serve and be served in return. The chapter is a place where friends are made; where someone comes to learn fly tying and then returns to teach it; and it's a place where a passion is born and a commitment to protect the resource is fostered.

The VSP was created to be a resource at the national level to help foster and support this important work in chapters and communities across the country. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Dave Kumlien,TU's Veterans Service Partnership Coordinator [406.570.0023 | dkumlien@tu.org] to talk about your unique situation so that we might help support you with resources catered to your specific needs.


Resources for Chapters Working with Veterans

VSP Volunteer Online Training Resources

Teaching Fly Fishing Online Resource

TU VSP VA Alliance presentation

Sample VSP Program Application and Waiver Form for Chapter Use

Complimentary Membership Form for Chapter VSP Participants

List of Active TU Veterans Services Partnership Chapters

Veterans Services Partnership Logo (jpg.)

Veterans Service Partnership Flyer

TU Veterans Service Partnership Partners

Four Star Alliance

PsychArmor TU VSP Volunteer Online Training Resources

Project Healing Waters

TU and Project Healing Waters Memorandum of Agreement (2019)

TU and Project Healing Waters Memorandum of Agreement (OLD)

Student Veterans of America

Warriors and Quiet Waters



Higher Ground Sun Valley

Eagle Rock Camp

Wounded Warrior Project


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