TU Style Guide

Design, as a key expression of a brand, has the ability to drive awareness, perception and loyalty among its admirers. This Brand Tool kit represents the guidelines for Trout Unlimited’s visual identity. By applying these guidelines to your communication, campaign and events, you will help build and strengthen the Trout Unlimited Brand through continuity and enhanced visability.

Great brands deliver on a simple promise consistently.

And great brands are really the sum total of the experiences of its actions – therefore our brand is more than words on paper, it is lived in every child taught to raise a Trout-In-the-Classroom, by every member who learns to cast a fly, and in every voice raised in the protection of trout and salmon habitat.

At Trout Unlimited (TU) we work on making cold, clean, fishable water. We quite literally conserve, protect and restore coldwater fisheries for trout and salmon, so the next generation can experience them in unlimited ways.

This guide was created to help everyone at TU – organization, members, staff, chapters, councils and board – to consistently talk about and deliver on that promise.

So whether you're at a fly-fishing clinic, manning a member sign-up table, pitching a local representative or standing streamside and someone asks "are there any trout in there?" you'll know how to talk about the passion we feel and the commitment TU makes to ensure native and wild fish thrive.


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