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discussion BY brookiebum ON July 4 - 1 COMMENTS
How to get started
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Hello everyone,     I'm a member of the Sal font chapter in Spencer WV. I would like information about starting VSP in my chapter. If some one would email me the info that would be great. Thanks.   Tight Lines, Nathan Justice
discussion BY capko31 ON April 12 - 3 COMMENTS
A helping hand
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I'm relatively new to fly fishing for trout. I don't really know where any of the streams are in SE MN. I'm having a hard time locating some fishable areas. I'm not looking for a guided trip, but someone that can help point me to some easy access streams. I'm already pretty versatile with lakes, [ READ MORE... ]
discussion BY ThreeShotGringo ON October 4 - 1 COMMENTS
New Mexico Programs
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If anyone has any info about programs like this in NM let me know. I would be willing to do what I can for my Brothers in Arms. Semper Fi...!

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