fishing_report BY EBaird ON September 13 - 0 COMMENTS
August 21, 2015 Devil's Hole
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Back in August after some much needed rain, I took a Friday off and hiked into the Devil's Hole.  The water was low and clear, but with a little stealth and luck I was able to bring several fish to the net.  I took all of the fish that day on a size 12 yellow Humpy, to immitate the hatch of Yellow [ READ MORE... ]
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fishing_report BY EBaird ON July 3 - 0 COMMENTS
July 2, 2015, Ash Creek
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Yesterday I spent 2 hours exploring Ash Creek near Thornhurst, PA.  A small stream with relatively easy access from the parking area for State Game Lands 135 (does require about 200 yards through the woods and brush to reach the stream.  Due to the high water I wasn't able to explore the beaver [ READ MORE... ]
fishing_report BY Raymond Holtzman ON April 13 - 0 COMMENTS
Snake Creek, Pa
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Great first day in susquehanna Co. Pa. Arivved for the 8 am opener alot of fishermen located along shore.  Found nice pockets of rianbows in the pools above the rapids. Though the  water was a little cloudy from the rain the day before.Took a chance on a spinner at 10: am and landed a nice 4lb   [ READ MORE... ]

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