A Fun Day

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A Fun Day

Hi Dan,
I would like to thank you on behalf of all of us who took part in the fly
fishing trip that you put together for us.  It was AWESOME!

A number of the guys who took part tracked me down later on and told me what
a great time they had but I don't think any of them had as much fun as I

I think I've mentioned to you before that I am a bit of a... fishing jinx,
but even I caught a couple of fish.

Once I get someone to help me I'll burn you a CD with the pictures on it.  I
know that some of the guides took pictures and if they send them to you
maybe you can pass them along.

On that note, if you would, please send me the contact information for all
of those who helped out especially the folks who provided the van for us.
Please don't forget the one for your TU chapter.

I had a long talk with Teresa Parks, the head of the clinic, and she was
tickled pink that we got to go fishing with you guys.  You had mentioned
trying to do it again next year and I'm looking forward to doing whatever I
can to help put that together, so please feel free to contact me at any

Thank you again for setting that up for us.  I personally feel that fishing
is one of the best therapies that there is and that came through loud and
clear from all the chatter that went on on the bus on the way back to the
hotel.  I can only tell you that it was one of the, if not THE high point of
the week for us!

Take care.


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