Klootchy Creek Logging Road Decommission and Passage Project


Project goals are to:

  1. Permanently remove 9 culverts which are barriers to passage for Necanicum River wild coho, steelhead, coastal cutthroat and lamprey
  2. Permanently decommission 1 mile of private logging road which was built too close to Klootchy Creek and contributing larget sediment load as well as blocking fish passage


1. Partner with private timber company to share costs on the project. Project makes good fish sense for TU by restoring passage, reducing sediment load and harmful erosion, and good fiscal sense for company by reducing maintenance costs from poorly sited road and increasing habitat stewardship interest from investors. Company voluntarily re-sited road away from stream.

2. Starting at culvert highest in the watershed of the nine targeted for removal, remove fill and culvert while recontouring stream banks to replicate pre-road conditions. "Walk" heavy equipment down road to next culvert to be removed, then next, then next, decommissioning and "ripping" and re-contouring road as proceeding. Recolonization by native trees occurs very quickly on ripped road prisms in soils in this area. Fish salvage and sediment controls put in place during construction.


  1. Nine fish barriers on extremely important Necanicum River tributary for coho, steelhead, cutthroat and lamprey permanently removed, along with a mile of problematic road which was contributing to sediment load and harmful erosion.
  2. Successful partership between private timber company and conservation results in good outcome for fish

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Alan Moore - Northwest Director of Habitat Programs

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