Philip Smith

Philip Smith
About me 
Sole Proprietor of Vandalia Rodworks (fancy for "I make split bamboo fly rods and act like it is a business"). Board Member, Sal font Chapter of TU 2018 - present President, Sal font Chapter of TU 2014-2017 Founder, Sal font Chapter of TU West Virginia Immediate Past Chair 2015-2017 West Virginia Council Chair 2012-2014 West Virginia Council Secretary 2007-2012 WV Back The Brookie Legislative Review Chair 2003-2007 B.S. Biology, WV State College 1999
Favorite quote 
“the thing i found offensive, the thing i hated about mohican-mountain-makers, gill-netters, poachers, whalehunters, strip-miners, herbicide-spewers, dam-erectors, nuclear-reactor-builders or anyone who lusted after flesh, meat, mineral, tree, pelt and dollar - including, first and foremost, myself - was the smug ingratitude, the attitude that assumed the world and its creatures owed us everything we could catch, shoot, tear out, alter, plunder, devour...and we owed the world nothing in return.” ― David James Duncan, The River Why
Other Interests 
mountain biking
acting way younger than I am
WVU football
eating really awesome food
telling everyone my opinions
Group membership 
Trout Unlimited Council Chairs
Kanawha Valley - 166
West Virginia - 9WV
Birthplace of Rivers National Monument
Native Species
Little Cacapon River
Council Chair Forum
Seneca Creek
Wyoming Range
Mountaineer Highlanders
Rio Grande del Norte
Sal Font -191
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