Angling community rallies around Deschutes fish kill

Angling community rallies around Deschutes fish kill

Kim Brannock was trail running along the Deschutes in Bend Ore. when she noticed a pool of water in a dewatered side channel. The pool was full of fish struggling to survive in the small pool of warm, de-oxygenated water.

Rather than sit idly by, Brannock decided to to what she could to help. This is a great example of what concerned citizens can do when presented with an unfortunate situation.

Hefting buckets, nets and an aerator, Kim Brannock and her family set out Friday morning to help stranded fish in a dwindling pool in a dry channel of the Deschutes River close to Bend.

Bend Bulletin

TU members from Bend sent me photos of some of the fish that were left high and dry on Thurs. of last week. Since then, the word has gone out on Facebook, Twitter and prominent fishing blogs.

This is just one case where a group of dedicated, conservation-minded anglers have used their collective voice to bring an issue into the minds of people both locally and nationally.


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